How An American Man Lost Half His Savings In Bank Transfer Scam

Bank Transfer Scam

David Barnett was duped by a fraudster who tricked him and defrauded him. In David’s words, he said, “I felt like, boy, how could I have been taken like that? Here I was being told I was defrauded, by a man who was defrauding me.”

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the attitude of hackers who Heist unemployment compensations off lots of EDD (estimated date of delivery) debit cards was published. Smartly, the scamsters have used this as an opportunity to persuade their victims to trust them. A man has lost half his savings to this initiative.

Lots of people have been called and alerted by the banks they save money with, to create awareness of this ongoing fraud by scamsters and not banks.

This man David Barnett panicked upon receiving the information. He delineated, “The Bank of America identification came up on my phone,” at that very time his account was being hacked.

He was told there was a withdrawal ongoing in Georgia from his account into the person’s account for a whopping amount of money and so must act as quickly as possible to nullify the withdrawal.

On a normal day, Barnett would have realized it’s false, but the rate of fraudulence made him believe, and decided to protect his life savings.

So, he transferred his money from the bank to another bank called the Chase Bank through the Zelle payment app as directed by the man who called. He had doubts about the whole thing, but the man assured Barnett it was the best and safest way to protect your money until the fraud dies down. He sounded convincing, said Barnett.

Sooner after the transfer the application used hurtled his money and that was when it dawned on him that he’s been defrauded.

He reached the Bank of America to trace his money and stop the transaction, but it was to no avail. This is a huge amount of money we are talking about. He said, “I kissed the money goodbye” Bank of America advised that money transactions happen right away and are taken by the imposter immediately after receiving. So, the transactions may be halted, but there’s no assurance that one can have your money back.

And also, be informed that banks do not ask their customers to transfer their monies to different banks. “Hang up and call your bank immediately if such calls come to you,” they said.

Luckily, he was granted a full refund by the Bank of America, and soon he received his money in the full amount.

Till now, it has not been communicated as to how the money was recovered or if the scamsters have been arrested.

Many a time, a lot of white folks do fall into the hands of such fraudsters, and it is so serious. Since they find tend to easily trust strangers or foreigners on dating sites, they get exposed to their details being used against them.

Once scammers gain access to the account details of citizens who trust them thinking they are who they are, the job becomes very easy for them to handle. They rob them of their life savings and even leave them in debt.

In handling matters of finance with strangers, especially through dating sites and on phone, one must be careful and take security measures very seriously.

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