How are barn owls different from common owls?

The barn owl is a medium-sized, pale-coloured owl with long wings and a short, squarish tail. The shape of the tail is a means of distinguishing the barn owl from typical owls when seen in the air.Click to see full answer. Accordingly, what is the difference between barn owls and typical owls?Barred owls are large, stocky owls with round faces and a mottled brown and white plumage. Barn owls are slim, medium-sized owls with distinctive white, heart-shaped faces, white chests and under wings and a mix of buff and gray on their heads and upper wings. Males are generally paler than females.Also Know, what are the characteristics of barn owls? The barn owl is 14-20 inches in length and has a wingspan of close to four feet. It is golden-brown on its uppersides and grayish-white on its chest and belly. It has dark specks on both its underside and upperside. It has a heart-shaped white face with a ring of brown feathers around it. Secondly, why are they called barn owls? They’re called Barn Owls because they do indeed prefer to nest in barns, under shelters in rafters or abandoned houses, rather than outdoors. In fact, Church Owl is one name they’ve had in certain regions.Are barn owls dangerous? Barn Owls Are Safe They aren’t like other birds of prey. There are absolutely no recorded instances of a barn owl attacking a human anywhere on earth, and they mainly keep to themselves. Owls just need food and shelter, and once you provide that to them with a nest box, they’ll stay with you for life.

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