How big is a Griswold 8 skillet?

Take a look at the vintage cast iron skillet pictured below. This is a Griswold size #8 and it measures about 10.5 inches in diameter.Click to see full answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the largest Griswold skillet? Griswold Slant logo sizes Slant logo sizes range from 1-14. The largest skillet with the Griswold Slant logo is #14.Additionally, how do I identify a Griswold skillet? How to Determine the Age of a Griswold Skillet Turn the skillet over and look for the Griswold mark on the bottom. Locate the city of manufacture listed on the bottom of the Griswold skillet. Check the bottom of the skillet for the image of a spider whose body is comprised of a skillet. Moreover, how much is a Griswold skillet worth? Griswold Cast Iron Price Guide Of course, depending on where you’re buying your antique cast iron, pricing guides are generally just a useful suggestion. An antique skillet from the early days of the Griswold iron works can be marketed for more than $3,000, depending on the condition and traceability.What do the numbers mean on cast iron skillets?Ever wonder what that number on the handle of your cast-iron skillet means? It’s not, as you might think, the size of the pan. The number actually refers to the diameter of the pan in inches across the bottom of the pan, not across its flared top, which is the industry standard way to measure skillet size.

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