How big is a standard bath?

Standard bath size As it is commonly accepted that the standard bath width is 700mm, a wide bath is considered to be any bath with a diameter of 800mm and above. Large baths with dimensions over 1800mm in length and over 800mm wide tend to be freestanding baths.Click to see full answer. Consequently, what is the normal size of a bathtub?For a typical standard, wall-wall bathtub, the measures will be roughly 60 inches long, 30-32 inches wide.Also, what is the height of a standard bathtub? Height. The bathtub will be somewhere between 14 inches and 17 inches in height. (See Reference 2, page 81) If you are going to design this bathroom to provide for easy transfer of a person with a physical disability, consider creating a walk-in shower with a ledge over which a wheelchair can roll instead of a tub. Additionally, what is the average size of a full bath? A full bathroom usually requires a minimum of 36 to 40 square feet. A 5′ x 8′ is the most common dimensions of a guest bathroom or a master bathroom in a small house.What is the deepest bathtub available? american standard evolution bathtub at a glance allows 3-inches more water than a traditional bathtub. recessed tub with apron. dual armrests. backrest. measures 5-feet by 32-inches. requires deep soak max drain. (sold separately)

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