How can ambush marketing harm a company?

Ambush marketing is a method whereby a company latches on to the coat tails of a major event or campaign without participating in or paying for the sponsorship or event. It’s bad for the following reasons. It can create a backlash or even a protest that may harm the ambush marketing company.Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, how do you protect against ambush marketing?Primary among the steps necessary to protect against ambush marketing is to ensure that the event organizers have effectively protected, usually via trade mark registration, the principal visual identifiers of the event, from the names and logos to the obligatory mascot and merchandise.Similarly, what is an example of ambush marketing? For example if a star like Michael Johnson would pose for a photograph with a Nike merchandise round his neck, revealing the logo, that would be an ambush marketing strategy in favor of Nike. Apple pays for a bill board, displaying its product the iPod. Regarding this, is ambush marketing illegal? The legality of ambush marketing is a complex issue. However, as a rule of thumb, ambush marketing is illegal in the instance it directly attempts to trick consumers into thinking that the ambush marketer has received authorization and is officially associated with an entity or event.Is ambush marketing beneficial?When ambush marketing is beneficial to sponsorship awareness: creating sponsor distinctiveness using exclusivity and brand juxtaposition. Ambush marketing is a contentious practice whereby brands communicate an association with an event without being an official sponsor.

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