How deep is the water under the Coronado Bridge?

San Diego–Coronado Bridge Longest span 660 feet (200 m) No. of spans 32 Piers in water 21 Clearance below 200 feet (61 m) Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, how high is the Coronado Bridge from the water? 61 m Subsequently, question is, why is the Coronado Bridge so high? At its highest point, the bridge has a clearance of 200 feet, enough to let an empty aircraft carrier pass underneath. However, to achieve this height, the towers supporting the bridge had to get progressively taller from the shoreline to the center. Similarly, you may ask, why is Coronado Bridge curved? Why the Coronado Bridge is long and curved instead of short and straight. Then in order to qualify for federal funding, (whereby our government pays most of the tab), the City of San Diego curved and lengthened the bridge to meet the minimum length standard that would qualify the Coronado Bridge for Federal funding.How old is the Coronado Bridge? 53 c. 1967-1969

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