How did Ove die in a man called Ove?

Ove then tries to commit suicide using a shotgun, but is interrupted by Adrian and Mirsad ringing his doorbell. Adrian says Mirsad had been kicked out of his house after coming out to his family and needs a place to stay.Click to see full answer. In this manner, how old is ove in A Man Called Ove? 59 year old Additionally, what does the cat symbolize in a man called Ove? Oh, the cat. The cat symbolized, in my opinion, Sonja. Ove talks about her love for cats and when he meets cat, he feels a sense of duty to take care of itfor Sonja’s sake. In this regard, who is Parvaneh in a man called Ove? Parvaneh. Parvaneh is a young Persian woman who lives across the street from Ove with her husband and three kids. She becomes Ove’s closest friend after Sonja’s death and he teaches her how to drive.Where does a man called Ove take place?Sweden. This is the country / culture in which the novel is set.

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