How did they decipher the Rosetta Stone?

The stone is inscribed in two languages: Egyptian and Greek, and three texts: hieroglyphic, Demotic, and Greek. The Rosetta Stone allowed linguists to decipher hieroglyphics by comparing hieroglyphic symbols with a known text.Click to see full answer. In this way, how did Champollion decipher the Rosetta Stone?Many people worked on deciphering hieroglyphs over several hundred years. However, the structure of the script was very difficult to work out. After many years of studying the Rosetta Stone and other examples of ancient Egyptian writing, Jean-Fran├žois Champollion deciphered hieroglyphs in 1822.Furthermore, what did we learn from the Rosetta Stone? The Rosetta Stone was the key to unlocking a lost language. By taking something unknown (hieroglyphs) and comparing it to something known (Greek) and somewhat known (demotic), scholars could eventually reconstruct how that language worked. We can do the same thing today with the documents we use. Keeping this in view, how long did it take to decipher the Rosetta Stone? 20 years What did the Rosetta Stone translate?The Rosetta Stone is a stone with writing carved into it. French soldiers found it in Egypt in 1799. It helped people get a better understanding of the Ancient Egyptian writing system called hieroglyphics. Its discovery led to the translation of Ancient Egyptian writing.

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