How do bees help apple trees?

Pollination of fruit trees is required to produce seeds with surrounding fruit. Trees that are cross-pollinated or pollinated via an insect pollinator produce more fruit than trees with flowers that just self-pollinate. In fruit trees, bees are an essential part of the pollination process for the formation of fruit.Click to see full answer. Regarding this, how do bees pollinate apple trees?Apples require cross-pollination — bees moving pollen from a pollen-donating tree to the receiving tree. Pollen-donating trees must be a compatible cultivar that has been intercropped (e.g., planted in alternate rows) or crabapple trees that have been interspersed within the apple orchard for this purpose.One may also ask, what apple trees are compatible for pollination? Perfect partners. Apple varieties, like plums, pears and other fruit trees, are grouped according to when they flower. The earliest pollination group to blossom is group A, followed by groups B and C and, bringing up the rear towards the end of spring, group D. Also Know, how do apple trees and bees depend on each other? In this way, honeybees and apple trees help each other. An apple blossom provides food for a hungry honeybee. Honeybees help apple trees produce healthy fruits and seeds.How do bees help fruit grow?Bees are perfectly adapted to pollinate, helping plants grow, breed and produce food. They do so by transferring pollen between flowering plants and so keep the cycle of life turning. The vast majority of plants we need for food rely on pollination, especially by bees: from almonds and vanilla and apples to squashes.

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