How do camber plates work?

Camber plates are basically an adjustable adapter for your shocks. They install usually on top of the strut and allow for fine camber adjustments. Camber plates are available for most car/suspension set-ups. When buying a camber plate, choose the best quality product you can afford.Click to see full answer. Simply so, do you need camber plates with coilovers?no you do not need a camber kit. Just get a good alignment and you will be set. However, I DO NOT suggest putting coilover sleeves on stock shocks. Your stock shock absorbers will blow out in no time and the car will be dangerous to drive until you replace them with something better.Also, do I need camber plates with lowering springs? If you purchased a set of lowering springs it’s extremely important to get a set of aftermarket caster and camber plates. After lowering your Mustang, you will need a front end alignment, and this is where your new caster and camber plates will come in handy. In respect to this, how does a camber kit work? a camber kit allows you to adjust the amount of camber in the suspension. usually, if your car is lowered, its set at or near the factory setting. so, an aggressive negative camber setting is set so that when the car goes through a turn, the forces will make the tires go from this /..Do I need a camber kit?Despite the myths that have been perpetuated since the mid-90’s, camber kits ARE NOT required to prevent uneven tire wear after lowering a Honda. Even the very first issue of Super Street magazine in 1996 talks about installed camber kits to prevent tire wear.

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