How do I apply to JJC?

Steps to Apply: Complete a JJC application. Obtain your username and password by visiting the ID/username/password page. Submit your official, sealed high school transcript or high school equivalency (GED, HiSET, TASC) transcript to the JJC Admissions Office in the Campus Center, room A-1020. Take the Placement Test. Click to see full answer. Besides, how do I register for classes at JJC? To Register Online: Go to the MyJJC webpage. Log in using your JJC email and password. Once inside MyJJC, navigate to the “Self-Service Menu” section and click on “Register & View Schedule” Select “Register for Classes” and on the right column choose “Search and Register for Sections” Subsequently, question is, how do I find my JJC ID number? Please lookup your JJC Student ID number 24-48 hours after completing your application. If you need further assistance please contact us at (815) 280-6927. Likewise, how do I transfer credits from JJC? You will need to fill out a new transfer credit evaluation request form and submit an updated transcript in order to get that class transferred to JJC. 3. Submit early! Please fill out the transfer credit evaluation request form and submit your official transcripts at your earliest convenience.How do I drop a class at JJC?Students may withdraw from a course by processing an add/drop form during regular office hours through the Registration Office at Main Campus, Romeoville Campus, or by phone at (815) 744-2200. Please note the drop dates listed on your bill/student schedule. Every course has its own drop date.

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