How do I check my retention policy in Office 365?

Click Admin button in the menu. Under Reports category, click Security & Compliance option. Click Exchange admin center option. Go to compliance management, then select retention policies and click () option.Click to see full answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, what is retention policy in Office 365?Every mailbox in Office 365 account is assigned a Retention Policy. The Default Retention Policy of Office 365 includes a tag that will transfer data items to the archive mailbox after two years. When a Retention Policy is applied to the Office 365 mailboxes, it will also apply to the online archive mailbox.Similarly, how do I check retention policy in Outlook? Manage retention policies Sign in to Outlook on the web. At the top of the page, select Outlook (or Mail). Or, select the app launcher. , and then select Outlook. At the top of the page, select Settings. > Options. Expand MAIL section within left hand navigational pane. Click Retention policies. Similarly, how do I assign a retention policy in Office 365? Assign retention labels and archive policies Go to the Office 365 sign-in page. In the message list or the folder pane, right-click the message or folder that you want to assign a policy to, then select Assign policy. Select the retention label or archive policy you want to assign to the message or folder. How do I change my archive policy in Office 365? Use the EAC to modify the default archive policy Navigate to Compliance management > Retention tags and then. In the list view, select the tag Default 2 year move to archive and then click Edit . Tip. In Retention Tag, view or modify the following settings, and then click Save:

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