How do I divide my garden?

9 Ways to Divide Your Garden Decide on different areas. The first thing to do is to decide what kind of areas you need and where they will be. Use plants. One of the easiest ways to divide a space is by using plants. Touches of colour. Screen it up. Stepping stones. Bring in some art. Bamboo. Clad the walls. Click to see full answer. Also, how do I divide my garden into rooms? These can be either hedges, low walls or trellis screens, depending on how much you want to see through them. MAKE A DIVISION. USE CLIMBERS. CHOOSE SOME RUSTIC FENCING. USE HEDGES ON STILTS. ADD WEAVING INTEREST. TRAVEL UP THE WALL. EDIBLE SCREENS. USE GREEN BORDERS. Secondly, what is the best time to divide perennials? A general rule of thumb is to divide perennials after they flower. Tackle spring-blooming perennials in fall and fall bloomers in spring. Some perennials, like iris and peony, are best divided in early fall. Most ornamental grasses do best when divided in early spring. Subsequently, question is, can you split Penstemon plants? Many species and hybrids of penstemons can be divided from established plants. You may also want to divide plants that become less floriferous after several years when the clumps have become quite woody. To begin the division process, water the plant well and dig it up the next day.How do you break up a long narrow garden? Break up your long narrow garden into different rooms Instead, use shapes, plants and structures to create screens. Plants, pergolas, trellises, decking, paving and paths – these can all turn a thin corridor into a series of different areas.

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