How do I get my ring chime to work?

Setting Up Your Ring Chime in the Ring App One – Download the Ring App. Two – Create or Log in to Your Account. Three – Tap “Set Up a Device” Four – Scan the QR code or MAC ID barcode on your Ring device. Five – Specify Your Location. Six – Plug in Your Ring Chime. Seven – Name Your Device. Nine – Connect to Your Ring Device. Click to see full answer. Also know, why is my ring chime not working?Check that all of your wires are properly plugged in and that all the lights on the front of the router are green. Check to see whether another Wi-Fi device is having a problem connecting to the network. Unplug your router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. See if your Ring Chime automatically reconnects. does the ring chime Pro really work? Our ring pro doorbell gets 20Mbps down and 10Mbps up speeds on the 2.4Ghz band of our home router. That’s not bad. But it’s not great either. That speed causes enough lag that the app opens slowly and there’s about a 4 or 5 second delay between the video feed and what’s realtime. In this way, do you need the chime for the ring doorbell? The Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro is a separate chime/bell for your Ring doorbell. It’s not essential, but it will allow you to have the doorbell chime in other rooms of the house so you’re not dependent on smartphone alerts.What is the difference between ring chime and ring chime pro?The only difference between them is that Chime Pro also works as a Wi-Fi extender. Not only does Chime Pro extend your Wi-Fi signal, but it also amplifies your Ring alerts. Ring Chime, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Speaker for Your Ring

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