How do I get to Sand Harbor?

Directions: Getting to Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park Take State Hwy 395/I-580 South, towards Carson City. Drive south to the Mt. Travel over Mt. Turn east (left) onto Hwy 28, through the roundabout. Travel through Incline Village to Sand Harbor State Park, approx. Click to see full answer. Then, how do I get to Sand Harbor Beach? Ride the East Shore Express to Sand Harbor When the parking lot is full, visitors must take the East Shore Express shuttle from Incline Village to enter the park. The Incline Village pickup location is at the old elementary school on the corner of Tahoe and Southwood Boulevards. Also Know, can you swim in Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe? Sand Harbor is one of the top 10 beaches in the Tahoe area and is one of the best places to go swimming. The water is shallow toward the beaches and gradually gets deeper, so it’s great for smaller children. There are piles of granite boulders along the corners of the beaches where you can practice some cool jumps. Likewise, people ask, what time does Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe Open? 8 a.m. Can you bring dogs to Sand Harbor?Sand Harbor is a pet-friendly recreation area at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. Pets are allowed during the off-season from mid-October to mid-April and must be kept on a leash under six feet in length. Sand Harbor can be accessed from 8am to 1 hour after sunset.

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