How do I increase cold air upstairs?

Striking the right the balance Close first floor air registers. This will divert more of that cool air upstairs. Turn the fan setting on your thermostat to “on.” This keeps air flowing throughout your home, making the temperature more balanced. Use fans. Check attic insulation. Click to see full answer. Accordingly, how does cool air get to the second floor? 4 Tips to Cool Off the Second Floor of Your Home Partially close first floor registers. Slightly restricting airflow to your first floor will increase the volume of cool air to your second floor, balancing out comfort. Close blinds and drapes. Ensure attic is well insulated. Use ceiling fans. Beside above, how do I keep my second floor cool? How to Keep It Cool on the Second Floor of Your Home Make sure your attic is properly insulated. Double check attic soffits to make sure they’re free of blockage and debris. Air seal the windows in the attic and second floor. Use curtains and drapes to block sunlight. Regularly replace air filters. Subsequently, one may also ask, how can I cool my upstairs of a 2 story house? How to Cool a Two-Story House Block off the second story from the ground floor. Buy a window air conditioner. Install heavy, insulating curtains on all upstairs windows, and keep them closed. Keep windows closed unless a cool breeze develops. Run a dehumidifier upstairs to take the humidity out of the air. Why is my 2nd floor so cold?If the second floor of your home stays cold in the winter even when the first floor is toasty, it may indicate that your home is improperly insulated or ventilated. To fix the problem properly may take an outlay of cash and a professional.

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