How do I install a hot tub in my backyard?

In most cases getting the hot tub into the backyard is fairly simple and straightforward. A delivery crew will bring the hot tub to your home and then place the hot tub on its side on a hot tub cart. Then they roll the cart into your backyard and to the spot you would like the hot tub placed..Click to see full answer. Also know, where do you put a hot tub? Installation Don’t place your hot tub within 10 feet of overhead power lines. Allow for access to your hot tub equipment panel. Install your hot tub on a solid foundation, strong enough to bear the weight of the tub, water and its occupants. Make sure your foundation area is level and straight. Likewise, how much does it cost to put in a hot tub? According to Home Advisor, the average cost to install a hot tub that’s above ground ranges from $5,000 to $8,000. However, low-tier spas start as low as $500 and high tier spas can go up to $18,000. Furthermore, do you need a permit to put in a hot tub? According to the building code, a permit is required for an in-ground swimming pool or hot tub. A prefabricated swimming pool or hot tub that is installed above ground at a single-family residence does not require a building permit, unless the water capacity exceeds 5,000 gallons.What is the best base for a hot tub? Here are four hot tub foundation ideas that will ensure your hot tub is positioned correctly and looks great. CONCRETE. A concrete surface is an excellent base for your hot tub as this material is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. DECK. Decks can be an easy choice, as they are already level and solid. SPA PAD.

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