How do I keep my coat closet smelling fresh?

A few simple steps should keep your closet smelling fresh. Eliminate Unpleasant Odors. Place a couple of cups of activated charcoal chunks, which are readily available in garden stores, in a cheesecloth bag. Soak up Moisture. Create a Natural Scent. Keep Shoes Smelling Fresh. Click to see full answer. Also asked, how do you get rid of a musty smell in a closet?Wipe down the closet doors and walls with the natural deodorizer, vinegar. Mix bleach and hot water into a spray bottle and spray onto any traces of mold spores or mildew to rid the premises of the fungi. Allow the space to air dry 100 percent before returning your clean clothes to the closet compartments.Likewise, what causes musty smell in closet? Common Causes of Closet Odors Stuffiness from lack of air circulation is another major factor. Putting even slightly damp clothing and linens in the closet can lead to mildew as well as the dampness activating the natural odors of the other fabrics or fragrances left behind from cleaning products. In this regard, how do you keep your clothes smelling fresh? Angie’s How To Fight Moths and Musty Smells in Stored Clothes 1FILL BAGS WITH LAVENDER. 2ADD A FEW DRYER SHEETS. 3HANG MOTHBALLS. 4ADD A BAR OF SCENTED SOAP. 5INCLUDE A FEW CEDAR CHIPS. 6TIE A STRING AROUND A BUNDLE OF CHALK. What can I put in a closet to smell good? 9 Easy Ways to Make Your Closet (And Clothes) Smell Good Coffee Grounds. Coffee grounds absorb foul odors, so placing a can of grounds in your closet will eliminate stink. Bar Soap. Cotton Balls and Perfume. Herbs in Cotton Bags. Linen Spray. Strong-Scented Wood. Febreze. Vinegar.

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