How do I teach Chinese vocabulary?

Here’s our 5 top tips: Read, Read, Read. When I studied Chinese in school, I used to curse the long texts I would receive for homework. Listen to Chinese Songs. Learning through song is a brilliant way to learn any language. Review Regularly. Talk Regularly. Use Vocabulary Trees, Flashcards. Click to see full answer. Then, how can I learn Chinese vocabulary? Phase 1: Find a Source of Vocabulary. Phase 2: Select and Create a Vocabulary List. Phase 3: Learn to Recognize the Chinese Characters. Phase 4: Learn to Write the Chinese Character. Phase 6: Refresh Your Chinese Vocabulary. Likewise, what is the best way to learn vocabulary? Best Techniques for Learning Vocabulary: Practice WLCR (Write, Look, Cover, Repeat) Try to learn as many new words as possible. Understand where to use which word. Find better and new sources that can help you learn. Try flashcards. Make use of internet. Work in a Context. Also Know, how can I improve my Mandarin vocabulary? Here are 4 smart ways in which you can improve your Chinese vocabulary fast. Use Chinese Vocabulary Trees. A vocabulary tree is an interesting way to grow your Chinese vocabulary. Use Vocabulary Flashcards. Reading Text Written in Chinese Aloud. Watch Chinese Movies. How can I improve my Chinese writing? Here are some useful tips to help you improve your basic Chinese writing skills. Tip #1 – Improve your vocabulary. Tip #2 – Familiarize yourself with Chinese Characters. Tip #3 – Read more. Tip #4 – Translate articles from your native language. Tip #5 – Whenever you have an inspiration, pen it down in Chinese.

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