How do I transfer data from syslog to Splunk?How do I transfer data from syslog to Splunk?

1 Answer. Assuming they are existing files generated by syslog (e.g. log files in text format with timestamps and all that), you should be able to just open the “Add Data” wizard and select either “Upload” or “Monitor” depending on where the existing files are located.Click to see full answer. Similarly, what is syslog in Splunk?Splunk Enterprise can act as a syslog server or a syslog message sender. If you have Splunk Cloud, you cannot configure your deployment as a syslog server or a syslog message sender, but you can configure the Splunk Universal Forwarder to listen on a UDP network port and forward data to your Splunk Cloud deployment.Beside above, how do I send Splunk logs? Well that’s exactly what the Universal Forwarder is for – reading logs on one system and forwarding them to a Splunk instance on another system. The best option is to install a universal forwarder on the server, where the logs are generated. The forwarder can send the logs to the indexer (your primary Splunk server). Secondly, is splunk a syslog server? A Splunk instance can listen on any port for incoming syslog messages. While this is easy to configure, it’s not considered best practice for getting syslog messages into Splunk. The answer is a dedicated syslog server.What is the best syslog server? The best Syslog servers: Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition by SolarWinds (FREE DOWNLOAD) Paessler PRTG Syslog (FREE TRIAL) Loggly (FREE TRIAL) SnmpSoft Syslog Watcher. Splunk Light. The Dude. Visual Syslog Server. 3cDaemon.

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