How do I translate my birth certificate?How do I translate my birth certificate?

Steps to Get Your Birth Certificate Translated Send us your document via chat, email or text message. Send the price for the translation and the delivery time. Translator and proofreader start to work on your certified translation. We send you the translation for approval and last check. Click to see full answer. Similarly, can you translate your own birth certificate Uscis?Simply, you cannot translate your own birth certificate for immigration purposes. Your translator must provide their name, signature, address and date of certification to be in compliance with USCIS standards.One may also ask, how can I translate a document into English? How to Translate a Document with Google Translate Open a Web browser and go to Under the text box on the left, click the Translate a Document link. Click Browse to navigate to a document on your hard drive that you want to translate. Choose the language that the document is in — for example, English. Similarly, how much does it cost to translate a document? On average, expect to pay $30 to $125 per page, depending on the document type and the target language. The most common pricing method and industry standard is determined by a cost per word basis. On average, expect to pay $0.08 to $0.40 per word.Who can translate a birth certificate for Uscis?If you have a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or any other document that is not originally in English, and you need to submit that document for immigration purposes, anyone who is fluent both in English and that other language can translate it and provide the original translation along with the translated

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