How do you care for Crocosmia Lucifer?

How to Care for Crocosmia Grow crocosmia in a bed that receives about six hours of sunlight daily, although the plant can tolerate some afternoon shade. Water crocosmia once weekly so the soil remains evenly moist. Cover the soil with a 2-inch mulch layer to help retain soil moisture and prevent weed growth. Click to see full answer. Also asked, should I cut back Crocosmia?Cut the stems back to where they meet the leaves. Cut back the foliage almost to ground level when the leaves wither and die back. Propagate by division in spring just before growth starts. Crocosmia should only be divided every 3-4 years (in late summer or early fall), to restore vigor and increase flower production.Also, when can I move Crocosmia Lucifer? Find well-drained location that receives at least six hours of sun daily to transplant the Crocosmia Lucifer corms in early spring. Dig into the area where the Crocosmia Lucifer corms are located with a shovel. Dig 6 to 8 inches from where the corms should be located to prevent damaging or cutting them. Likewise, people ask, should I deadhead Crocosmia Lucifer? Beginning at the base of the flower spray and evolving slowly outward, buds appear one-by-one until the entire fan is flowering. Pluck the spent blooms to encourage regrowth and deadhead the flower after its performance. A healthy crocosmia Lucifer lights up a garden from mid-summer until it drops its blooms entirely.How do you deadhead Crocosmia?First, deadhead the plants so that they do not invest precious energy in producing seeds. You want that energy to go into recharging the bulb with nutrients and energy for the next growing season. Continue to water the plants after you have removed the faded blossoms until all foliage is yellow.

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