How do you care for variegated Hoya?

To care for a Hoya plant, place it near an east or west-facing window, so it can get a few hours of indirect sunlight a day. When its potting soil becomes very dry, add warm water to the pot, since Hoya plants are tropical and don’t respond well to cold water.Click to see full answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, do Hoyas like to be misted?Some like to mist the leaves frequently. For cleaning the leaves and increasing humidity, misting is fine… but NOT when the plant is budding or in flower. Lack of water or too much fertilizer will cause foliage to brown around the edges and perhaps leaves will drop. As with most plants, Hoyas respond to good care.Beside above, why is my hoya plant dying? Hoya leaves are shriveling — hoya may not be getting enough water and/or humidity, there may be die-back or an issue with the roots (perhaps they are dead or have dried up), or may be a sign of mealybugs. Check the roots and if that’s the case, then take a healthy cutting to propagate the plant. Also asked, do Hoya plants need sun? Light Requirements – Sunlight is important for a Hoya plant, but indirect sunlight is best. Having the plant hanging directly in your window will cause the leaves to burn from the direct heat of the sun.Do Hoya plants like direct sunlight?Creating the Right Environment. Place your Hoya plant in bright, indirect sunlight. While Hoya plants need a lot of sunlight to thrive, direct sunlight can cause them to bleach or dry out. As a result, try to place your Hoya so it gets about 6 hours of indirect sunlight per day.

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