How do you change a EGR valve on a Toyota Camry?

How to Replace EGR Valve 97-01 Toyota Camry step 1: Removing the EGR Valve (1:04) Remove the vacuum line from the EGR. Remove the 12mm nuts from the EGR Valve. Lift the EGR Valve off of its studs. step 2: Installing the EGR Valve (3:30) Insert the gaskets into place. Insert the EGR Valve into place. Tighten the 12mm bolts to the EGR Valve. Connect the vacuum line. Click to see full answer. Just so, what are the symptoms of a faulty EGR valve? Your engine has a rough idle. Your car has poor performance. You have increased fuel consumption. Your car frequently stalls when idling. You can smell fuel. Your engine management light stays on. Your car produces more emissions. You hear knocking noises coming from the engine. Subsequently, question is, how do you change a EGR valve? Method 3 Replacing The EGR Purchase the correct EGR valve for the make and model of your vehicle. Let your engine cool. Disconnect the battery. Locate the EGR. Disconnect the vacuum line. Disconnect the electrical cable. Use a wrench to remove the bolts on the EGR valve’s mount. Take out the old EGR valve. Likewise, people ask, where is the EGR valve located on a 2001 Toyota Camry? The EGR valve is near the throttle body. If you follow the intake towards the engine, you’ll soon spot the EGR.Can a car run without EGR valve?Yes it might affect the environment but no harm to engine as such. there are people who are running without EGR for more than 50k km. Also in all remapping they disable the EGR. There are some doubts on temperature increase in cylinder if EGR is disabled.

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