How do you change a Soma filter?

How do I set it up my new Soma? Remove the lid. Take out the filter bag and filter from the inside of the reservoir. Before using your Soma, soak your filter for 15 minutes, rinse it through 2-3 times with fresh water, and insert it into the bottom of the reservoir basin. Snap the filter into the reservoir. Click to see full answer. Likewise, when should I change my Soma filter?Filters are good for 40 gallons of water, which we expect the typical household to drink over a 2 month period. This is about 2 full Soma Carafes per day (or about 1 Soma Pitcher/day). If you need to edit when your next filter comes, you can! Check out our “Reschedule” feature under your account.Also, how long do Soma filters last? about two months Besides, how do you clean a Soma filter? The pitcher itself can be hand-washed with a soft sponge, but to keep the handle looking its best, avoid getting it wet and oil it with mineral oil once a month. Mold isn’t something we see often, especially if your Soma is being washed regularly.Is Soma better than Brita?Yes, we think so. In the battle of Soma vs Brita, it comes down to your taste. Brita replacement filters cost less and most likely do a better job of removing impurities. The problem with all water filter pitchers is that none of them are perfect.

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