How do you get a ball closure ring?

Firstly the ball may be pulled out by hand by forcing the ball from the ring or by gently twisting the ring. The best method is to use long nose pliers or preferably BCR / Circular barbell opening pliers. By placing the pliers through the ring and VERY GENTLY opening them until the ball is released.Click to see full answer. Just so, how do you open a closed ring piercing? How to Open a Ball Closure Ring Wash your hands and the piercing site thoroughly. This prevents any lingering lymph or irritants from being pulled into your piercing as you change the jewelry. Hold the ball-closure ring between your thumb and forefinger, cupping your hand underneath to prevent the ball from dropping. how do you remove ball back earrings? How to Remove Screw Back Earrings Hold the post of the earring with your index finger and thumb. Gently unscrew the back by rotating it to the left. Unscrew until the back slides off the post. Likewise, do captive bead rings fall out? The captive bead or ball fits into a small opening in the circle of the ring. This is a popular piece of body jewelry because it conveniently allows the wearer to remove the ring by simply removing the captive bead, the bead is held firmly in place so that it will not easily fall out.How do you put a ball in a nose ring?Steady your nose ring with your nondominant hand and use the pliers to gently pull open your ring. Push the ball into place and test to make sure it’s in tightly enough. If not, close the ring by lightly pressing it together with the pliers until the ball is firmly in place.

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