How do you grow Nepeta?

Lavender will struggle on heavier wet ground as a Mediterranean plant it needs to be dry, well drained and sunny; contrast Catmint which will grow almost anywhere. Nepeta is native to a number of habitats and so is less fussy where it grows. Catmint will grow in sun or partial shade and in both moist and dry soils.Click to see full answer. Herein, how do you grow Nepeta Cataria? Growing Catnip Seeds Plant Catnip Seeds: Soak catnip seed in water overnight prior to sowing. Then sow seed in cell packs or flats, press into soil and lightly cover. Grow Catnip: Full sun or part shade. For your cat’s recreational use, fill sachets or cat pillows with dried catnip. how quickly does catmint grow? Seeds sprout within five to 10 days under ideal conditions but may take up to 20 days in colder soil. When the plants are 2 to 5 inches tall, thin to 18 inches apart. Start harvesting leaves after 12 to 15 weeks. Protect young plants with wire netting if cats frequent your garden. Secondly, how do you look after a Nepeta? How to Cut Back Nepeta Cut nepeta with a pair of pruning shears after the flowers fade in late spring or early summer. Remove the second round of blooms in the late summer or early fall to prevent the plant from producing, dropping and spreading seeds. Cut nepeta to the ground in late winter or early spring after the top growth dies back. Will Nepeta attract cats?Yes, the genus nepeta has been said to attract cats. However, we grow in our garden 5 nepeta varieties, have at least three cats visiting the garden, but we have never seen any of them being particularly interested in any of our catmints. Therefore, don’t worry, cats will not ruin your flowerbeds if you plant catmint.

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