How do you hang a bookshelf?

Draw a light perimeter of the bookcase on the wall where you wish to hang it. Measure from the bottom of the bookcase drawing to the floor. Slide the bookcase up the wall, and place the props under it. Drive screws through the top rail into each stud that passes behind the bookcase. Click to see full answer. Likewise, people ask, can you use Command Strips for shelves?To hang up your shelf, you’ll need to get strong adhesive mounting strips designed for pictures or other large objects. Popular adhesive strips include Command picture hanging strips, Scotch reclosable fasteners, and Velcro removable mounting strips. You can buy these products from most craft and office supply stores.Beside above, how much weight can a stud hold? Find a Stud A nail in just drywall can’t hold more than a few pounds of weight, but a thin nail in a wood stud can typically hold up to 20 pounds and several coarse threaded wood screws in wood studs can typically hold up to 100 pounds or more. Also to know, how do you hang something heavy without nails? Never use a plastic anchor bolt to hang something heavy. To install a molly bolt, remove the screw from the metal collar; drill a hole, and tap the bolt into the wall with a hammer. Attach your hanger to the bolt shaft and then screw the machine bolt into the collar.How much weight can you hang on drywall?This can be 5 to 10 pounds, but keep in mind that the drywall is an extremely brittle material and, it is not strong enough to hold the weight for a longer period of time.

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