How do you hang a foyer chandelier?

When installing a chandelier in a foyer or a great room, the chandelier cannot be lower than 7 feet from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier. In a foyer, most chandeliers are installed at window level where you can see the chandelier from outside your home.Click to see full answer. Just so, how high do you hang a chandelier in a foyer? 7 feet Additionally, how do you install a foyer chandelier? How to Install a Foyer Chandelier Things you’ll need: Chandelier. Step 1: Switch the power off. Step 2: Determine the height. Step 3: Mount the support box. Step 4: Install the wiring. Step 5: Hang the chandelier in place. Also to know is, where do you hang a foyer chandelier? If you have a large, two story foyer, the chandelier should hang at least 5 feet down from the ceiling or should be centered in the middle of any large picture window that might be in the foyer and in street view. For a small foyer, the light should hang no lower than 7 feet from the floor.What size should a foyer light be?The rule of thumb for designers is that the hanging lighting fixture should have 2 to 3 inches of height for each foot of ceiling height. For example, a 10-foot high foyer ceiling calls for a chandelier that is 20 to 30 inches in height.

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