How do you install a Vortec distributor?

VIDEOClick to see full answer. Moreover, how do you install a Chevy distributor?Lift the distributor cap off the distributor. Mark the bottom of the distributor, just under the center of the metal piece in the rotor, and on the engine in the same place (matchmark), so that the new distributor can be put in the same way. Use the distributor wrench to loosen the distributor hold down bolt. how do you install a distributor repair plate? How to Install Distributor Repair Plate 96-99 GMC K1500 V8 5.7L step 1: Removing the Upper Intake (1:11) Remove the thumb screw on the top of the intake track. Disconnect the PCV breather. step 2: Installing the Distributer Repair Plate (2:09) Remove the screws. step 3: Installing the Upper Intake (3:40) Connect the thumb screw to the top of the intake. Likewise, people ask, how do you set up a distributor? Steps Locate the distributor. Find the timing specifications for your vehicle. Disconnect the distributor cap. Remove all wires attached to the distributor. Mark the engine mounting point. Mark the position of the rotor. Remove the old distributor. How do you set the timing on a distributor? Adjust while the engine is at idle speed. Grab the distributor firmly and rotate it slowly to one side or the other. Continue rotating until the timing mark is in the correct position. Align the timing marks by continuing to move the distributor and checking with your timing light.

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