How do you make a lunch meat tray?

Instructions Fold or roll each deli meat and place on tray in stacks around half of the tray (see notes above). Be sure to leave space in the middle of the tray, forming a ring. Place 8 slices of each type of cheese in a stack and cut diagonally into triangles. Garnish with green leaf lettuce and/or fruit. Click to see full answer. Consequently, how do you make a meat tray for sandwiches? DIRECTIONS Place lettuce leaves on large rectangular platter. Fold each turkey slice into thirds. Roll each ham slice loosely. Fold each roast beef slice in half. Place turkey, ham and roast beef on platter according to diagram (see picture). ** Servings based on 2 ounces cheese and 4 1/2 ounces meat each)**. Also, what is on a deli tray? Typically meat and cheese trays include ham, turkey, and roast beef. For purposes of folding and/or rolling the meat, you will want to have it sliced fairly thin. You can ask your deli to slice it as they would a typical “sandwich slice”. One may also ask, how much deli meat goes in a platter? Tip: Figuring How Much Food to Buy for Parties Cold cuts: generally 2 to 3 ounces of deli meat per serving (25 servings of deli meat would be 3 to 5 pounds of meat). This is based on what is called a “sandwich slice” rather than shaved. Sandwich slices will go further than shaved as people often overload on shaved.How do you arrange a meat and cheese tray? Tips to arrange your tray: Place your crackers in the center. Spread out your meats and place at opposite ends of each other. Fill in next to your meats your cheeses and have a few slices already cut. Place bowls of nuts and olives opposite each other. Add groups of grapes where ever there are “holes” on your tray.

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