How do you make copper pipes round again?

I usually use a brass fitting of some sort (a ball valve or drop ear 90) to round out the pipe again. Get it close enough to start the brass fitting and tap it on with a hammer, then rotate it around and the pipe will then be round enough for your slip coupling.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in consideration, can you solder flexible copper tubing?Hard copper tubing is typically joined together by soldering fittings onto the ends of the pipe or tube. You can seal joints with hard copper using a mechanical compression fitting. Soft copper can also be soldered, but many people chose to use mechanical flare or compression fittings that seal joints by pressure.Subsequently, question is, do shark bites ever leak? In general, SharkBite fittings only leak due to one of these reasons: The pipe was not properly deburred prior to installation. The pipe has scratches or debris on the outside that is preventing the O-ring from getting a watertight seal. Regarding this, will a dented copper pipe leak? area that are plumbed with copper pipes, which are very rigid and can be dented. So, will a dented copper pipe leak? – Yes, it can. Of course it depends on the depth and severity of the dent but the bottom line is that a rigid pipe can leak due to a dent or a cut.How long do copper pipes last? 50 years

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