How do you make reindeer ornaments out of clothes pins?

Take two pins and glue them together. These are the feet. Cut a piece of gold thread cut about 3-4 inches long and glue it in between the legs and another pin turned the other way to act as the head with antlers. Glue on your pompom nose, googly eyes and other embellishments.Click to see full answer. Regarding this, how do you make a reindeer ornament? HOW TO MAKE A REINDEER ORNAMENT Step 1: Find a brown plastic lid and make sure it’s clean! Step 2: Use a glue gun to glue in place eyes and ornament nose {or pom pom}.. Step 3: Snip a brown pipe cleaner in half. Step 4: Gently slide off pipe cleaner and glue both pieces to the top of the lid on the rim part. Also Know, how do you make reindeer with sticks? Step 1 – Make Your Reindeer Shape I made a V shape first then hot glued another popsicle stick over top to complete the head. To create the antlers I broke a popsicle stick in half. Then, we hot glued the end (you can use Elmer’s Glue too) in between the two popsicles sticks on top to create my three antlers. Simply so, how do you make snowflakes out of clothes pins? For each snowflake remove the metal piece from 8 clothespins. Glue each set together like you see here. Glue the fat ends together to form an “X”. Next glue the fat end of a pin set into each corner of the “X”. For this project you will need: Clothespins (8 per snowflake) Fine glitter. Spray adhesive. Hot glue gun. String. How do you make a clothespin snowman?Take a short piece of yarn and wrap it around the clothespin, making a know. Add a drop of glue to secure it. Now take a black marker and draw two black eyes, mouth and black buttons on the snowman body. Add a drop of glue between the eyes and mouth and stick on an orange mini pom pom.

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