How do you poke holes in a belt?

Keep your belt stretched firmly (you can hold one side of the belt under you foot, and the other side with one of your hand, while the other hand is holding the pliers) and point the nail to the spot you want to make a hole, and push into the belt. It makes a small regular hole very easily.Click to see full answer. People also ask, can you use a hole punch on a belt? The Round Drive Punch These sharp steel tubes come in several sizes, but typically you’d want to use the 3/16” size to make holes on a belt for a standard belt buckle. Center the punch over the marking, give it a few solid whacks with a mallet, and you should be left with a perfectly round hole.Additionally, how do you make a hole in a belt without ruining it? No need for a hammer, heated nail held firmly with pliers, can make the hole you want. Careful usage of a sharp pointed knife can easily cut you another hole in your leather belt. Mark out where you want the new hole, and put the knife at the marker and rotate gently. Soon you’ll have your extra hole. Also know, how much does it cost to punch a hole in a belt? The other option if you don’t feel like paying $12 for a hole puncher is to take your belt to your local shoe repair store. They should be able to add a hole to your belt for $5 or less.What are belt holes called?The prong (also named pin) is typically made out of steel or other types of metal. In conventional belts, the prong fits through the buckle to secure the material at a pre-set length. The prong is usually referred to as the tongue of the buckle in America, as in ‘lock-tongued buckle’.

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