How do you program a Kwikset?

How do I program my SmartCode 913 lock? Open the door. Remove battery cover. Press the program button once. Enter new user code. Press lock button. If programming is successful the keypad will flash green once, and you will hear one beep. Click to see full answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, where is the program button on a Kwikset?While the door is open, press the “Program” keypad button located on the interior side of the door. Enter a four to eight digit security code that you can easily remember on the outside electronic lock keypad. Press the “Lock” keypad button at the center of the SmartCode keypad.Secondly, how do you program a Kwikset Powerbolt 2? Perform a factory reset Make sure the door is open and unlocked. Enter the default Mastercode (O-O-O-0). Press the lock button. Press 0. Press the lock button. Test the lock: With the door open and unlocked, Press the lock button. Considering this, how do you program a Kwikset SmartCode 909? (1) Hold LOCK button on keypad while (2) inserting the battery pack into the interior. The lock will automatically sense the handing of the door and will extend & retract deadbolt latch. Two beeps will sound in approximately 30 seconds to confirm successful installation.How do you reset a Kwikset? A factory reset will delete all codes associated with the lock. Make sure the door is open and unlocked. Press and hold the program button for 30 seconds using the SmartKey tool or a paper clip. You will hear one long beep. Press and release the program button. You will hear one short beep.

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