How do you run wires from the ceiling?

How to Run/Fish Electrical Wire Through Walls & Ceilings Turn off the electricity. [01:14] Mark for the electrical box. [01:41] Drill a hole in the ceiling or floor. [02:03] Cut the opening for the electrical box. [03:01] Run the cable. [03:19] Running cable past a fire block. [03:51] Pull the cable through the wall. [04:39] Stud finder – Voltage tester – Drywall saw. [05:13] Click to see full answer. Consequently, how do you run a wire through a stud?Drill left to right or right to left through a wall stud with power drill and a 1 1/4-inch bit, working through the access openings that you cut in the drywall. Drill one hole through every stud along the wall where the wiring will go.Similarly, how do you install ceiling lights without wires? Locate the ceiling joists in that area with a stud finder, as the electrical box that the fixture hangs from will attach to the side of the joist. Hold a ceiling electrical box against the ceiling where you will install the fixture and trace the outline of the box. Cut a hole into the ceiling with a drywall saw. Hereof, how do you run wire through a vaulted ceiling? The easiest way to run the wire is to cut a hole in the drywall at the header and another in the ceiling, drill a hole in the header then fish the wire over though the attic then slip it though the hole in the header and patch the dry wall.Can you run electrical wire through ceiling joists?Running electrical wire through the channel between ceiling joists is generally easiest. In addition, your light fixture may require mounting to a ceiling joist or to two short blocks nailed between the joists. Trace and mark the fixture hole and cut out with a drywall saw, utility knife or reciprocating saw.

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