How do you say hello in Yupik?

-Click here to view this book on Amazon. Waqaa! Wah-kah! Hello! Yup’ik Phrases. Yugtun Word Pronunciation English Translation Waqaa! Wah-kah! Hello! Quyana koi-on-ah Thank you Quyana tailuci! Koi-on-ah die-lu-chee Thank you for coming! Yuraq you-rawk Eskimo dance Click to see full answer. Besides, what language do Yupik speak?Almost all Yupik people speak English today, but many Yupiks, especially elders, also speak their native Yup’ik language. Yup’ik is a complicated language with many sounds that don’t exist in English. how do you say wolf in Eskimo? An amarok, or amaroq, is a gigantic wolf in Inuit mythology, said to stalk and devour any person foolish enough to hunt alone at night. Beside this, how do you say hello in native Alaskan? ( pronounced “nn-tseh dit-aah”) Aleut: Aang! ( pronounced “ahng”) Inupiaq: Pablan! ( pronounced “pah-blahn”) Gwich’in: Drin gwiinzii! ( pronounced “drin gween-zee”) Haida: Sán uu dáng gíidang? ( Koyukon: Dzaanh nezoonh! ( Tanana: Do’eent’aa? ( Tanacross: Nts’é t’ínt’eh? ( How do you say bye in Alaska? Useful Aleut phrases English Unangam Tunuu (Aleut) Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Angaliichxizax^ Good evening (Evening greeting) Amgiichxizax^ Good night Goodbye (Parting phrases) Ukudigada

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