How do you seal DensShield?

By caulking the intersecting corners of DensShield Tile Backer panels and around a tub base or shower pan with flexible sealant, a moisture-resistant envelope can be established. The sealant should be applied to the DensShield Tile Backer corners PRIOR to taping the joints.Click to see full answer. Moreover, can you use Redgard on DensShield?They also confirmed that it is okay to apply a water-proofing membrane such as Redgard to the face of the Densshield (nothing is to go on the back).Subsequently, question is, can DensShield be used outside? DensShield Tile Backer should not be used in commercial saunas, steam rooms, around fireplaces or areas where prolonged exposure to heat exceeds 125° F (52° C). DensShield Tile Backer panels should not be used as a shower pan base. DensShield Tile Backer should not be used for exterior installations. Keeping this in consideration, can you use Densglass in a shower? The densglass is used in place of normal gypsum sheathing and is installed against the exterior framing prior to the tub / shower installation. This densglass sheathing will withstand the elements, and will not promote any deterioration or mold, mildew buildup.What is DensShield made of?DensShield Tile Backer is composed of a water-resistant treated core that is covered front and back with fiberglass mats. The mats are permanently integrated with the core during manufacturing, preventing delamination problems that can occur with paper- faced greenboard.

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