How do you stop pond water from evaporating?

Use a combination of techniques to protect your pond from evaporation. Add aquatic plants that will partially cover the water surface to your pond. Plant tall bushes or trees around the outside of your pond to shade the water. Click to see full answer. Also, how much water will evaporate from a pond?Evaporation. Causing water levels to drop roughly 1 inch per week, evaporation is the most common cause of pond water loss. But don’t panic, this is normal. Factors such as location, time of year, pond size and especially weather, can affect the rate at which evaporation occurs.Furthermore, how much does a pond evaporate in a day? Average Evaporation On average a water feature will lose ½% to 1% of the gallons pumped per hour in a day. Remember to use the actual gallons pumped per hour, not just the size of the pump. Similarly, you may ask, what causes a pond to dry up? Trees may also account for some loss of water in a pond. Water-loving trees, such as willows or maples, often grow along the banks of ponds. If the pond level drops for an extended time due to drought, the exposed sides may dry and crack, causing pond leaks when the pond refills.How do I calculate pond evaporation?To calculate evaporation losses, multiply the water surface area (in m2 ) by the corrected evaporation rate (in m) for the length of time your pond will be in use.

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