How do you test a photocell on a Reddy heater?

Test a photocell–spark plug type heater Remove photocell from heater and connect ohmmeter on the 1000 Ohm (RX1K) scale. Hold the lens up to a light source (80 watt light bulb, direct sunlight, etc.) with the lens of the photocell pointed toward the light source.Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, how do you troubleshoot a Reddy heater? Inspect the power cord if the motor won’t start. Turn off the unit and unplug it. Check for fuel problems if the motor runs, but the heater won’t ignite, or if you spot smoke or smell an odor coming from the unit. Remove the fuel filter and clean it with fresh fuel if the heater won’t start and produces smoke or odors. why does my torpedo heater smoke? do not burn hot, causing the heater to burn out of control. If you are sure of your kerosene and your heater is giving off sooty black smoke it is a sign that the fuel/air mix is off. Make sure your heater is not in a draft. Too much air can create a very high flame condition. Moreover, what is No 1 fuel oil? Number 1 fuel oil is a volatile distillate oil intended for vaporizing pot-type burners. It is the kerosene refinery cut that boils off immediately after the heavy naphtha cut used for gasoline. Former names include: coal oil, stove oil, and range oil. Number 2 fuel oil is a distillate home heating oil.Why are they called salamander heaters?A traditional wood-burning stove in Spain or Portugal is called a “salamandra.” This name originates from a legend that the salamander could survive a fire, since they often emerged from a log when it was thrown on a fire. You must have a well-ventilated area to operate a Salamander heater.

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