How do you tie a wide belt?

VIDEOClick to see full answer. Simply so, how do you wear a wide belt?To wear wide belts, start by placing it right under your bustline to emphasize your chest, highlight your waist, and define your curves. Next, pick the right clothes to wear with your wide belt, like a loose top or dress that hides your figure or a casual outfit that you want to add some polish to.Also, how do you make a fabric tie belt for a dress? First, let’s sew up the seam in the belt. Press seam allowances open. Fold the belt right sides together, lining up the long edges. Trim corners, as shown. Turn the belt right side out. Press that fabric sausage flat. Now, the last step in the instructions tells you to slipstitch the opening closed. Consequently, how do you tie off a belt? Start by fasting the belt normally, then take the loose end and loop it back towards you. Step 2: Slip the loose end under your belt, just next to the closed end of the buckle. Pull the tail of the loose end down to form a bow. Step 3: Take the loose end and loop it back towards you again, up and over.How do you make a D ring fabric belt? Measure your waistline. by wrapping the measuring tape around your navel. Cut the webbing. Add 8″ to your waist measurement. Thread the D-rings. Take one end of the webbing and thread it through the two D-rings. Loop the Webbing around the D-rings. Sew the Loop Closed. Attach the Belt Tip.

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