How do you treat a sprained LCL?

To treat an LCL sprain, people can try the following treatments: Rest the knee. A doctor or physical therapist may recommend resting the injured leg as much as possible, especially in the days following the sprain. Apply ice. Try medication. Use a knee support. Try physical therapy. Surgery. Click to see full answer. Also, how long does it take to recover from a sprained LCL?Treatment of an LCL injury varies depending on its severity and whether there are other combination injuries. Grade I sprains usually heal within a few weeks. Maximal ligament strength will occur after six weeks when the collagen fibres have matured.Also Know, can you run on a sprained LCL? Prevent Ligament Sprains. Patellofemoral pain, or “runner’s knee,” may be the top reason runners get sidelined. The first sign of an MCL or LCL sprain is pain and swelling; bruising usually occurs one or two days later. In more severe cases, sufferers complain that the knee feels as if it may give out. Also to know, how do you know if you sprained your LCL? swelling of the knee (especially the outer aspect) stiffness of the knee joint that can cause locking of the knee. pain or soreness on the outside of the knee. instability of the knee joint (feeling like it’s going to give out) Can LCL heal without surgery?The LCL usually responds very well to non-surgical treatment. LCL tears do not heal quite as well as medial collateral ligament tears and some severe LCL tears may require surgery. Patients may require bracing and physical therapy for up to 3 months to prevent later instability.

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