How do you use a garbage disposal tool?

How to use a garbage disposal wrench? Insert the swivel head of the disposal wrench through the drain hole till it hits the bottom of the disposal. Turn the wrench slightly so that it locks on to the shredder plate of the unit. Turn the wrench to and fro to dislodge any debris that jams the shredder plate. Click to see full answer. Also asked, what is the Allen wrench for on a garbage disposal?If your garbage disposal has a disposal wrench slot, it will fit a 1/4 inch Allen wrench. The wrench may which may be found taped to the side of the disposal, so check before purchasing.Similarly, how long does a garbage disposal last? 15 years Also know, how do you free up a garbage disposal? Unplug the disposal or shut the breaker off to make sure that no one inadvertently turns the switch on. Put the allen wrench into the socket and try to free up the unit. You may need to worry it back and forth several times to free up the jam. Use the pliers on the allen wrench if you need a little more torque.Where is the breaker socket on a garbage disposal?Identify the hex socket on the center of the underside of the garbage disposal unit. It’s inside a small, round hole in the motor housing. Insert the hex wrench into this socket, then move the wrench back and forth to free the jam or confirm that the impeller is freed.

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