How do you use Arm and Hammer Simply Saline?

How do I use the product to flush and irrigate? Tilt head to the side over sink. Insert nozzle into one nostril, depressing on the textured area at the base of the nozzle so a gentle mist fills sinus passages and flows out nostrils. Repeat in other nostril.Click to see full answer. Besides, is Arm & Hammer Simply Saline safe for babies?Safely and effectively clear up congested little noses with Simple Saline Baby by Arm & Hammer. The baby-friendly formula moisturizes irritated nasal passages and is ideal for everyday congestion relief.Similarly, how does Simply Saline work? Simply saline nasal spray helps deliver instant congestion relief by flushing out irritants. It’s adaptable nozzle and gentle mist make it easy to use. Plus, Simply Saline is always safe to pair with your cold or allergy medicine because it’s drug free, preservative free, steroid free, and non-addictive. Beside this, is Arm and Hammer saline spray safe? A: ARM & HAMMER™ Simply Saline ™ Nasal Relief is drug-free and preservative-free, so it is safe to use every day as often as needed.Can babies use Simply Saline?The one difference in the Simply Saline Baby Nasal Mist is that the nozzle on the infant spray bottle is safer and easier to use on babies and small children than trying to put the adult nozzle from the Simply Saline Adult mist into the child’s nostril.

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