How do you use Minwax spray lacquer?

Recoat: dry to touch in 30 minutes; recoat after 2 Click to see full answer. Regarding this, can you spray Minwax brushing lacquer?Yes, you can spray “brushing lacquer”–although depending on your gun, you will most likely want to thin it first with lacquer thinner. Keep in mind that spraying is not necessarily faster than brushing. You will have to spray more coats to equal a single brushed coat.Also, can you spray lacquer over Minwax stain? I prefer to let the stain dry overnight, as it will give you a smoother finish. If the Minwax if fully cured (several weeks) you can spray the lacquer directly over it. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can spray a sealer coat of shellac over it, then spray lacquer over that. Additionally, what is brushing lacquer? Brushing Lacquer. This is a crystal clear, fast-drying and self-leveling interior lacquer that provides a durable finish resistant to water and alcohol. It is easily repaired and recoated without removing the old finish. Fast drying, this formula allows multiple coats and one-day finishing.Should I sand between coats of lacquer?Between coats, search and slice off bumps, then lightly sand the entire piece with 320-grit before applying the next coat. As you build the finish, and your technique improves, the surface should get progressively smoother. Each coat should require less touch-up.

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