How does a Kinetico water softener work?

Kinetico water softener systems contain resin beads that hold sodium ions. Once hard water passes through these resin beads inside your water softener, the resin beads hold onto the calcium and magnesium in exchange for sodium. The system then backwashes and flushes out both the hardness minerals and the salt solution.Click to see full answer. Similarly, how long does a Kinetico water softener last?Water softeners can last 10 to 20 years, depending on the type and quality you buy. On average, a single tank electric water softener could last you up to 12 years, while a Kinetico system can last as many as 20 years. However, no appliance lasts forever. how do you regenerate a Kinetico water softener? Manually Regenerating Your Kinetico Water Softener Using a #2 Phillips screwdriver, push down firmly on the softener valve screw (Fig. Slowly turn clockwise until the actuator has advanced the indicator dot to the “BRINE” position (Fig. Then, how much does a Kinetico water softener cost? Kinetico Water Softener Cost These water softeners cost anywhere between $500 and $5000 depending on the series and model chosen. They offer a wide range of options and the cost you bear depends on the type of system you choose and the features you get.What happens if my Kinetico water softener runs out of salt?If your softener has run out of salt, replenish it with the correct salt and manually regenerate the Water Softener. Please allow 14 days before testing as it can this long to achieve a completely soft test result. If the water softener does have salt in it, check that it is not stuck to the sides of the cabinet.

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