How does a soil thermometer work?

soil thermometer. (Also called earth thermometer) A thermometer used to measure the temperature of the soil. For measurement at small depths, a thermometer with a right-angle bend in the stem is used. The bulb is inserted into a hole in the ground with the stem lying along the surface.Click to see full answer. People also ask, how do you use a soil thermometer? How To Use A Soil Temperature Thermometer Determine the proper depth to perform the measurement. Use a screwdriver to make a pilot hole. Insert the thermometer into the pilot hole and follow the directions supplied with the thermometer. Provide shade if the sun is bright. Take a reading in the morning and late afternoon, and then average out the results. Similarly, how do you gauge soil temperature? To take your soil’s temperature use a metal thermometer like one of these. Insert the thermometer into the soil approximately 3 – 4″ deep. Take the temperature for a few days in a row to be sure it is consistent, and before planting, check your weather forecast to be sure that a cold spell is not predicted. Correspondingly, can I use a meat thermometer for soil? While the air may feel warm, the soil can still be cold from the winter. To measure the temperature of the soil, use an instant-read thermometer made for cooking. Push the thermometer’s probe as deep into the soil as possible to get an accurate reading of the soil temperature.What is the best soil thermometer? The Best Soil Thermometers Vee Gee Scientific 82160-6 Dial Soil Thermometer. This is a commercial grade high-quality soil thermometer. Smart Choice Stainless Steel Soil Thermometer. LYCSIX66 5-in-1 Soil Test Kit. AcuRite 00661 Stainless Steel Soil Thermometer. Luster Leaf 1625 Digital Soil Thermometer.

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