How does Acticoat dressing work?

Acticoat Absorbent™ is an alginate dressing impregnated with nanocrystalline silver crystals. It has an absorbent property when in contact with wound exudate and forms a gel and releases nanocrystalline silver cations onto the wound bed. Its antibacterial action is similar to that of Acticoat™ (Smith and Nephew 2004).Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, how do you use Acticoat dressing?Moisten the dressing with sterile water (do not use saline). Allow the dressing to drain on an absorbent surface in a sterile field for at least two minutes. Apply the ACTICOAT* Dressing to the wound surface, either side down. Cover the dressing with an appropriate secondary dressing.Similarly, can you cut Acticoat? Remove the Acticoat from the package. Use a clean pair of scissors to cut the Acticoat dressing to fit the shape of your burn or wound. Wet the Acticoat with sterile water (do not use normal saline). Also asked, how long can you use Acticoat for? The exudate from the wound determines the number of dressing changes required. Acticoat is a silver impregnated antimicrobial barrier dressing. Acticoat can stay intact for 3 days and Acticoat 7 for up to 7 days. Acticoat needs to be activated by moistening it with Sterile water before applying it on the wound bed.What does Acticoat Flex do?ACTICOAT FLEX 3 is a highly conformable dressing that follows the body contours to maintain contact with the wound surface. The dressing is low adherent, which helps to minimise wound trauma at dressing changes. Nanocrystalline silver provides an effective barrier to microbial contamination.

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