How does an orifice tube work?

Like an expansion valve, the orifice tube is used to control the amount of refrigerant entering the evaporator. This, of course, regulates the amount of refrigerant leaving the compressor. Orifice tubes also serve as a dividing line between the high and low pressure sections of the system.Click to see full answer. Considering this, how does a orifice tube go in?Because of the way an orifice tube works, it’s usually located on the inlet to the evaporator coil. However, on some vehicles the orifice tube location varies. Sometimes it is built into the liquid or high pressure line or inserted into the high pressure line right where the line connects to the condenser.Also, what happens when you put the orifice tube in backwards? If the orifice is in backwards, it should have never got cold. You don’t mention pulling a vacuum on the system before charging it. Subsequently, question is, what does a bad orifice tube do? If the AC evaporator or orifice tube malfunctions, it can cause refrigerant to flow unmetered through the vehicle’s AC system. This can cause the evaporator to freeze over, or frost to form or come from the vehicle’s AC vents.How do you remove a broken orifice tube?Here’s what the service manual says about a broken O-tube: “To remove a broken orifice tube, insert screw end of Broken Orifice Tube Extractor T83L-19990-B (Motorcraft YT-1009) into evaporator core tube. Thread screw end of tool into brass tube in center of fixed orifice tube.

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