How does Kubernetes service work?

A service is a type of kubernetes resource that causes a proxy to be configured to forward requests to a set of pods. The set of pods that will receive traffic is determined by the selector, which matches labels assigned to the pods when they were created.Click to see full answer. Correspondingly, what is service in Kubernetes?In Kubernetes, a Service is an abstraction which defines a logical set of Pods and a policy by which to access them (sometimes this pattern is called a micro-service). The set of Pods targeted by a Service is usually determined by a selector. (see below for why you might want a Service without a selector).Furthermore, which are the two primary modes of finding a service with Kubernetes? Kubernetes supports two modes of finding a service: through environment variables and DNS. An application in the pod can use these variables to establish a connection to the service. Kubernetes automatically assigns DNS names to services. A special DNS record can be used to specify port numbers as well. Then, how do I connect to Kubernetes service? Access from a node or pod in the cluster. Run a pod, and then connect to a shell in it using kubectl exec. Connect to other nodes, pods, and services from that shell. Some clusters may allow you to ssh to a node in the cluster. From there you may be able to access cluster services. How does Kubernetes load balancer work?In this approach, your load balancer uses the Kubernetes Endpoints API to track the availability of pods. When a request for a particular Kubernetes service is sent to your load balancer, the load balancer round robins the request between pods that map to the given service.

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